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COVID-19 Safety Measures

ESCMID is closely monitoring the situation and is keeping in close contact with the local health authorities and the venue to ensure the health and safety of all onsite participants of ECCMID 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. We will abide by all applicable regulations and this page will be updated as we approach the event to give a clearer view on the precautions and regulations during ECCMID.


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Updated 14 January 2022


In full compliance with local laws and regulations, ESCMID is working on a variety of health and safety precautions for the congress to ensure maximum safety for its participants. This plan may include changes to the event layout, crowd management and/or timetables to ensure adequate physical distancing and/or physical barriers where necessary, as well as an updated cleaning and disinfection protocol for cleaning and housekeeping contractors.


ECCMID COVID measures:

    Mask               Wristband      Personalised Namebadge


Safety measurements for all participants

Access to the ECCMID 2022 will only be granted to those that fill the requirements for events as defined by Portuguese regulations (see section III). Once you satisfy these conditions, you will receive a wrist band that is valid for 1 day and allows you to re-enter the building on that day. Each morning you will need to repeat the check to receive a new wrist band. Please wear the wristband at all times to indicate that you have passed the daily check. ESCMID reserves the right to remove participants not complying with these regulations from the congress site. ESCMID assumes no liability of any kind in such cases.

It is the responsibility of ECCMID participants to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable requirements.

Throughout the venue you are obligated to wear a mask at all times. This applies not only to delegates but also to all suppliers and staff.