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Can’t wait until July to begin your ECCMID experience? Then join the programme of pre-ECCMID learning days!


The final programme for the upcoming pre-ECCMID Day on Diagnostic Developments is available here.

All session recordings for the pre-ECCMID Day on Vaccines and COVID-19 (Part 1) are now available online.


A full ECCMID registration will give you free access to all of the Pre-ECCMID Days and to all the session recordings for the past events.


Individual Pre-ECCMID Day Registration
ESCMID Member€30
#1 Vaccines (20 April)

Pre-ECCMID Day on Vaccines

#2 COVID 1 (5 May)

Pre-ECCMID Day on COVID-19 (Part One)

#3 Diagnostics (19 May)

Pre-ECCMID Day on Diagnostic developments

#4 COVID 2 (16 June)

Pre-ECCMID Day on COVID-19 (Part Two)

#5 AMR (30 June)

Pre-ECCMID Day on Antimicrobial Resistance