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Preliminary Programme

Here you can find details pertaining to the Preliminary Programme of for the 32nd ECCMID taking place in Lisbon, Portugal including the programme at a glance, session descriptions, and updates on the TAE activities. These pages will be updated as information is confirmed and announced as we apporoach ECCMID 2022, you can also sign up for the ESCMID newsletter and follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) for the latest updates.

Keynote Lectures

Keynote Lectures are highly attended, target a broad audience and feature renowned experts who are leaders in thier field sharing their knowledge, shedding light on recent findings and giving perspective to recent advancements in the field.

Details on Keynote Lectures will follow as we apprach ECCMID 2022 here.


"Year in.." Sessions

ECCMID features three “Year in…” sessions: Year in Clinical Microbiology, Year in Infection Control and Year in Infectious Diseases. Those sessions are usually very well-attended 1-hour symposium with two 25’ talks followed by a panel discussion during which speakers are invited to review recent literature on the topic.You can find out more information and the selected publications in Spring 2022 here.


Clinical Grand Round

The very popular Clinical Grand Round pits the wits of 6 internationally renowned physicians against 7 difficult clinical cases involving patients with infectious diseases. It is co-sponsored by the Infectious Disease Society of America. In a 2-hour session, cases are presented by trainee ID physicians from Europe and USA, and discussed with the senior Professors. The presenting trainees and their cases are selected in a competitive process in the months leading up to the Congress. You can view more information on the Clinical Grand Rrounds at ECCMID 2022 here