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ESCMID invites a number of Keynote Lecturers to speak at ECCMID each year. These are usually very highly attended sessions as the speakers are leaders in their fields. Below you can find the different session types featuring our Keynote Lecturers and more information will follow as we apprach ECCMID 2022.

Keynote Lectures

Keynote lectures target a broad audience. The speakers are leaders in their fields and present an excellent review of a specific topic to a broad audience (specialists and non-specialist). Topics should be such that introduce cutting edge science or “hot” topics in CM/ID



60’ talk

1 speaker

2 chairpersons

Keynote Scientific Interviews

Interviews feature two experts taking the role of interviewer and interviewee and discussing current experience and future challenges in CM and ID. Interviewer and interviewee may be known to have a different opinion on a specific topic or to have taken different approaches to tackle a similar situation.



60’ talk

2 speakers from different countries

Keynote Fireplace

The ECCMID Keynote Fireplace Sessions are 30 min, or 1-hour sessions designed as private meetings between a keynote speaker, two moderators and a selected number (up to 60) of participants. The aim is to enable an informal discussion and promote exchange between an established leader and young professionals. ESCMID strongly believes that the interaction between senior experts in the field of clinical microbiology and infectious diseases and early career attendees of ECCMID is of great importance in promoting knowledge exchange.


Because of the intimate nature of these sessions, pre-registration is required to attend. ECCMID registrants will receive an email with a link to the Fireplace registration form. Updates on registering for Keynote Fireplaces will come later in 2022.