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Meet-The-Expert Sessions

The Meet-the-Expert Sessions are led by recognized authorities in their fields. After a short presentation the experts will open the session for discussion, which will be driven by active audience participation.

How I implemented new procedures and changed my laboratory
Suzan D. Pas (Netherlands)
François Vandenesch (France)

The Endocarditis Team: let's make it work!

co-organised with ESCMID Study Group ESGBIES

Susan Rehm (United States)
Siegbert Rieg (Germany)

How to manage immunocompromised patients with central nervous system infection?
Paola Cinque (Italy)
Oriol Manuel (Switzerland)

Difficult treatment scenarios in transplant patients with opportunistic viral infections: a case-based approach
Irit Avivi (Israel)
Roy Chemaly (United States)

How to best manage difficult-to-treat infectious diseases in migrants
Susanna Capone (Italy)
Christian Wejse (Denmark)

How to implement effective antimicrobial stewardship measures in the era of MDR and XDR pathogens
Ana Gales (Brazil)
Maddalena Giannella (Italy)

How to treat diabetic foot infections in view of new guidance?
Mustafa B. Ertuğrul (Turkey)
Ilker Uçkay (Switzerland)

How to implement and use metagenomics in infectious disease diagnostics and management?
Koray Ergunay (Turkey)
Justin O'Grady (United Kingdom)

What I think should be the standard in diagnosing human mycoplasma infections
Cecile Bebear (France)
Jonas M. Winchell (United States)

How and when should PCR be used in the diagnosis of C. difficile infection?

Ferric C. Fang (United States)
Maja Rupnik (Slovenia)

How to manage and treat Crimean-Congo and other haemorrhagic fevers 
Nurcan Baykam (Turkey)
Marta Mora-Rillo (Spain)

How to use Point-of-Care tests in microbiology: European versus USA experiences
Robin Patel (United Kingdom)
Maurizio Sanguinetti (Italy)

Decision-making in the detection and management of patients with sepsis and critical illness in resource-limited settings
Mervyn Mer (South Africa)
Gentle Sunder Shrestha (Nepal)

How to manage orthopaedic implant infection? Real-life clinical case discussion
Martin McNally (United Kingdom)
Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker (Netherlands)

EUCAST frequently asked questions
Rafael Canton Moreno (Spain)
Erika Matuschek (Sweden)

Making sense of genome shreds: tools and strategies for straightforward genome data analysis
David Aanensen (United Kingdom)
Natacha Couto (Netherlands)

How I manage vascular graft infection
Efthymia Giannitsioti (Greece)
Eric Senneville (France)

Which host response assays are ready to get implemented in clinical practice?

Giovanni Delogu (Italy)
Sharon Lewin (Australia)

Difficulties to diagnose invasive fungal infection in paediatric patients
Elio Castagnola (Italy)
Thomas Lehrnbecher (Germany)

How to deal with antimicrobial drug and vaccine shortages?
Guillaume Beraud (Canada)
Larissa May (United States)

How to define fungal infection in critically ill patients: new ESCMID guidance?

Matteo Bassetti (Italy)
Cornelia Lass-Flörl (Austria)

How to study, test and modulate microbiota before transfer/transplantation?

Benjamin Davido (France)
Elisabeth Terveer (Netherlands)

Burning questions concerning the antimicrobial therapy of sepsis
Johan Mouton (Netherlands)
David L. Paterson (Australia)

What is needed for paving the way to HCV elimination?
Markus Cornberg (Germany)
Jean-Michel Pawlotsky (France)

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