Warning: There are an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate ECCMID. We would like to alert all our members and delegates to possible scams and we strongly advise you to use only the official ECCMID online registration for your bookings.


We are aware of the environmental impact that an event like ECCMID has on our planet in terms of use of resources and energy, as well as on waste production. Pretending we can make such an event sustainable, would be presumptuous. However, sustainability is important to us and we greatly consider it, when organising ECCMID. Every year we keep making as many changes as possible, to reduce waste and CO2 emission, because all together these small but important steps help us to achieve an eco-friendlier event. You can find a description below of the changes we have implemented for ECCMID 2024 so far.


We are conscious that there is still much work to do and we would be glad to receive your ideas on how to improve! Please do not hesitate to contact Mélinda Müller at melinda.mueller[at]escmid.org.


Environmental protection and mobility


Greater utilisation of public transport over personal vehicles is one of the best ways to reduce emissions and helps to save the environment. ESCMID is dedicated to doing what we can to offset our ECCMID carbon footprint and hope that you will too.


As a part of this initiative, our colleagues at RENFE, the Spanish National Rail Network, are offering to allow ECCMID attendees to travel with a 15% discount on AVE (high speed) and Renfe Long Distance trains within Spain, from their departure city to Barcelona. For a tutorial on how to book the discounted ticket, click here 


In addition, we provide each full registration with a 96h ticket, which is also valid for transportation to the airport.


Live-streamed hybrid option


After the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated a transition of ECCMID 2021 to an online only format, it was decided to propose further ECCMIDs as hybrid events. All sessions scheduled in Hall A to Hall P are broadcast in real-time via live-streaming. This affords international or remote participants the unique opportunity to engage directly with the session's speakers and moderators, irrespective of any impediments preventing them from attending the congress in person. This also offers the option to all participants to attend online if they wish to minimize travel-related emissions.


Bonus: Sustainable activities in BCN


Discover the activities available in Barcelona to be enjoyed in a way that respects the environment and local traditions here.


Fira de Barcelona


The venue hosting ECCMID 2024, Fira de Barcelona, holds the ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System, emphasizing sustainable development, environmental protection, and the fight against climate change. All venue facilities operate on 100% green energy from various renewable sources. Fira de Barcelona aligns its strategies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals promoting sustainability to exhibitors and visitors. Their commitment encompasses reducing food and materials waste, social initiatives, and environmental responsibility, all aimed at creating a positive social and environmental impact.


Sustainable stand building and temporary constructions     


A-Booth is in charge of building stands and temporary constructions. This company is active in applying sustainable practices in its business. With the mindset to strengthen its effort in developing an effective sustainability policy, in early 2023, a sustainability assessment was conducted within the company. Based on the assessment, A-Booth is building its sustainability policy further for the coming years, taking into account resources and waste, energy and water, and climate change with a road map to 0% emission in 2030. In addition, A-Booth uses sustainable materials in their stands, such as multiple types of aluminium frames. Aluminium is preferred due to its lightweight properties, reducing space requirements and CO2 emissions during transport. They currently have a large stock of ready-made walls and frames that they use time and time again, according to the needs of their clients. Find out more information reading the sustainability report of A-Booth here


Over the years, ESCMID is reusing material from previous ECCMIDs as much as possible. For instance, the photo booth, post card station, brochure rack and most of the TV studio furniture will be built reusing the material from last year. Moreover, for temporary structures like the prayer room, the clock room and the material desk, we chose the reusable shell scheme system. Carpet is every year reduced as much as possible and used only in essential areas. Recycled carpet will be used in most areas with carpet.


Environment-friendly catering


Gastrofira upholds sustainability through a multi-faceted approach. They reduce CO2 emissions by partnering with local suppliers for 60% of their food purchases, while promoting sustainability by requiring partners and suppliers to adhere to sustainable policies and adapt menus to seasonal offerings. Their commitment to sustainability encompasses practices such as plastic reduction, food surplus donation, local sourcing, and repurposing imperfect produce. Additionally, vegetarian and vegan options will be offered among the Food Trucks.


Reduce printing


Conscious of the environmental impact of printing, we have, in the past years, progressively decreased the amount of printed material. As in 2023, you will find the complete and continuously updated scientific programme online as PDF document to download and on our congress app. Delegates will find all the news and necessary information through QR codes available throughout the venue and on our app, website and social media. If participants prefer to receive this information per email, the ESCMID team is at your disposal at all times.




Throughout the course of the congress, attendees will have access to recycling bins within the venue. In light of the substantial expected attendance of over 12,000 individuals at ECCMID 2024, our aim is to mitigate the overall generation of waste. Recognizing the diverse cultural backgrounds of our attendees, each bin will also feature informative guidelines regarding the correct methodologies for waste sorting and recycling in Barcelona.


Leftover food donation


Gastrofira, the catering company, demonstrates a strong commitment to reducing food waste and supporting those in need through active participation in food donation programs like "Barcelona shares food" in collaboration with Nutrition without Borders. They not only donate surplus food but also distribute unused food service materials to social organizations and recycle vegetable oils for social purposes. Their partnership with Fundació Espigoladors focuses on giving imperfect fruits and vegetables a second chance, promoting sustainability and inclusivity, especially for individuals at risk of exclusion.


Water stations     


Water stations (fountains and dispensers) will be conveniently situated within the venue, offering fresh water to all ECCMID attendees. In our commitment to reducing plastic waste, disposable cups will not be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles, which can be refilled at these designated water stations. Additionally, sponsored durable water bottles can be acquired upon request at the booth of the sponsor.


Sustainability / Climate change sessions


Discover the sessions of the scientific programme linked with sustainability and climate change, and join us there. The Keyword “Climate change and sustainability” will allow you to filter specifically for these sessions in the programme.


Please find an overview here:


Date Time Location Session Type Session Title
Saturday, 27 April 2024 08:30-10:30 Hall B 2-hour Educational Session Exotic viral hepatitis: from changing epidemiology to appropriate case management
Saturday, 27 April 2024 08:30-10:30 Hall G 2-hour Symposium Climate change and the spectrum of infectious consequences
Sunday, 28 April 2024 08:30-10:30 Hall D 2-hour Symposium Fungal infections from a One Health perspective
Sunday, 28 April 2024 12:15-13:15 Arena 2 Open Forum Going green: infection and sustainability
Sunday, 28 April 2024 13:30-14:30 Fireplace Discussion TBD
Monday, 29 April 2024 17:30-18:30 Hall J Meet-the-Expert The sustainable microlab: how green can we become?


Green Corner


Located on the upper floor, you'll discover our Green Corner: a small construction dedicated to sustainability. Here, you'll learn about sustainability initiatives, sessions of the programme, ESCMID's efforts, and how you can contribute to making our congress more sustainable. A place designed to captivate attention, inform, and initiate meaningful discussions. Equally important, a place where you can share your feedback and ideas with us.




We will conduct a special 3-minute survey both onsite and online to gather information on participants' modes of travel and reasons for attending either onsite or online. This survey aims to better understand participant preferences and collect feedback for potential enhancements or ways ESCMID can assist. Participate in our sustainability surveillance survey, and you might just win a special prize!