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Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

This notice provides ESCMID's policy regarding the nature, purpose, use and sharing of any information collected via this website. The information you provide will be used only for its intended purpose. Submitting information is strictly voluntary. By doing so, you are giving ESCMID your permission to use the information for the intended purpose.
ESCMID never collects information for commercial marketing. ESCMID does not give your information to any private or other organisation for their use.
Automatically Collected Information
We may collect and temporarily store certain technical information about your visit for use in site management and security purposes. This information includes:

  • The internet domain from which you access our website (for example, "xcompany.com" if you use a private Internet access account, or "yourschool.edu" if you connect from an educational domain);
  • The IP address (a unique number for each computer connected to the Internet) from which you access our website;
  • The type of browser (e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer) used to access our site;
  • The operating system (Windows, Unix) used to access our site;
  • The date and time you access our site;
  • The URLs of the pages you visit;
  • Your username, if it was used to log into the protected web pages for members; and
  • If you visited this website from another website, the URL of the forwarding site.

This information is only used to help us make our site more useful for you. With this data we learn about the number of visitors to our site and the types of technology our visitors use.
Except for authorized law enforcement investigations, no attempts are made to identify individual users or their usage habits. Raw data logs are retained temporarily as required for security and site management purposes only.
Information Collected for Tracking and Customisation (Cookies)
A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to your computer to allow it to remember specific information about your session while you are connected. Your computer will only share the information in the cookie with the website that provided it, and no other website can request it. There are two types of cookies, session and persistent. Session cookies last only as long as your web browser is open. Once you close your browser, the cookie disappears. Persistent cookies store information on your computer for longer periods of time.

The ESCMID site may use session cookies for technical purposes such as to enable better navigation through the site.
At no time is your private information, whether stored in persistent cookies or elsewhere, shared with third parties who have no right to that information.
Personal Information
If you choose to provide us with personal information, through such methods as completing an ESCMID form or sending us an email, we will use that information to respond to your message and to help us get you the information or services you have requested.

Some of our web pages ask visitors who request specific information to fill out a registration ESCMID form. For example, job applicants are asked to submit information relating to their job search. Other information collected through questionnaires, feedback forms, or other means, enables us to make evaluations of activities or other services.

For some purposes, ESCMID will use services provided by Google Inc. The information sent to ESCMID through the Google Docs forms will be stored by Google Inc on its servers. The Google privacy policy apply in that case, see http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/.

ESCMID uses cookies to record user preferences to improve user experience. It enables the website to ‘remember’ user preferences, either for the duration of the visit (using a ‘session cookie’) or for repeat visits (using a ‘persistent cookie’). This includes transferal of data to third parties such as Saferpay for saving temporary information related to membership sign-up or renewal.
By using the ESCMID website, you permit to the use of cookies. However, you can also view the website without cookies. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. The exact instructions on how to do this can be found in the manual for your browser. Personal data can only be saved in cookies if you have given your permission.


Types of ESCMID cookies:

Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable ESCMID to improve the usability and performance of its website, e.g. saving of account and password information in order to avoid repeated logging in.

Analytics cookies

This website uses Piwik, an open-source web analytics software that uses cookies to collect information about how our website is used. These cookies do not collect personal data. The data collected is only used to improve the website and cannot be traced to you.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are installed by third parties, e.g. Saferpay. Their main purpose is to allow connection to a secure payment portal with more payment options. Saferpay temporarily saves information about your purchase during the membership sign-up or renewal process.


Opt-out cookie

If you do not wish ESCMID to collect and analyze statistical data related to your visit you may object to the future use of your data at any time (opt-out).

Please note that for technical reasons the opt-out cookie will only affect the browser you object from. If you delete the cookies in your browser or use a different end device or browser, you will need to opt out again. 

Click here to install the opt-out cookie.