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Special Sessions

"Year in..." Sessions


ECCMID 2024 will feature four “Year in…” sessions: Year in Clinical Microbiology, Year in Infection Control, Year in Infectious Diseases and Year in Public Health. "Year in..." sessions are 1-hour Symposia where speakers present a common review of the published literature since last ECCMID on the topic. Each presentation should be 25 minutes long and cover up to 10 papers, with 10 minutes of final discussion at the end of the session. We invite speakers to provide the selected publications in advance, which will be published closer to the congress.


Year in Infectious Diseases, Monday 19 April, 9:30 - 10:30 am

Year in Clinical Microbiology, Monday 19 April, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Year in Indection Control, Saturday, 27 April, 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Year in Public Health, Sunday 28 April, 5:30 - 6:30 pm




Clinical Grand Round


The very popular Clinical Grand Round pits the wits of six internationally renowned physicians against seven difficult clinical cases involving patients with infectious diseases. It is co-organised with the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA). In a 2-hour Session, cases are presented by trainee ID physicians from ESCMID and IDSA and discussed with the senior Professors. The presenting trainees and their cases are selected in a competitive process in the months leading up to the Congress. Case presenters will be published in early February 2024. The session will take place on Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 8:30 to 10:30 CEST, Hall A.


Moderator: Prof. Robert C. Read (Southampton, United Kingdom)






Case presenters:
LeeBrandonNew HavenUnited States
Berto MoreanoCesarBostonUnited States
Givon CohenYaelDvirIsrael
HolowkaThomasChapel HillUnited States
ZhaoYingCape TownSouth Africa




Selective Pressure: Quiz Show


This competitive quiz first took place at ECCMID 2023, and we are thrilled to welcome back this interactive session with an improved layout and prizes to win for everyone. Groups of four persons can apply for participation. The moderator of the session is Prof. Jesús Rodriguez-Bano. All ECCMID 2024 participants are welcome to attend this session for an interactive educational and entertaining experience.


Registration for groups has been closed.


Awards Sessions


One of the main missions of ESCMID is to promote scientific research in the fields of CM and ID. To this aim, ESCMID supports young clinicians, researchers and established scholars with awards and grants to recognise achievements and provide incentive for future accomplishments. At ECCMID 2024, the winners of the society’s awards for 2024 will be presented in dedicated sessions. For more information, please see below.


The ESCMID Young Investigator and Emerging Young Investigator Award winners will receive their awards and present their research during the session “Young Investigator Awards for Research in CM and ID ”.


The ESCMID Excellence Awardee will receive the award and give a Keynote Lecture during a dedicated session.


The TAE Outstanding Trainee Award is intended to recognise and reward multi-skilled trainees with extracurricular activities in teaching, networking and collaboration for trainees in CM and ID. The winners for 2024 will be announced in November 2024 and will receive their awards during the TAE Day at the 34th ECCMID.


The International Sepsis Forum (ISF) is a non-profit public American charity with the mission to improve outcomes for patients with sepsis. Its award gives the recipient USD 500 and the opportunity to present their work during a session jointly organised by ISF and ESCMID.




The TAE Day is organised every year at ECCMID by the Trainee Association of ESCMID. This session targets CM and ID trainees who can register in advance to take part in Round Tables-type Sessions, where they have the chance to informally interact with renowned experts in the field of CM and ID. This way, they can get inspiration from the experts present, discuss the main challenges and decisions during clinical and/or research career, get career advice, learn about career/research opportunities and strengthen their network. More information about registration for the Round Tables at the TAE will follow.